About Us

At Daksh health care, we are using our breadth, scale and experience to reimaging the way healthcare is delivered with new technology and help people live longer, healthier lives.

We are engaged in supplying and exporting of Laboratory and Scientific Equipments both in standard and custom designs. With more than 25 years of experience, we are highly confident and working with dedication to provide our customers with a high quality standard of equipment and instruments at exceptionally economical price.

In a radically changing environment, we are making connections across science and technology to combine our own expertise in Medical Equipments, Vaccination, Surgical, Cardiovascular Equipments, Nephrology equipment solutions, Pharmaceutical Products, Laboratories Equipments with the big ideas and deliver medicine -patient-centric products and solutions.

As pioneers in medical devices, we continually focus on elevating the standard of care—working to expand patient access, improve outcomes, reduce health system costs and drive value. We create smart, people-centered healthcare to help the patients we serve recover faster and live longer and more vibrantly.